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Entradas recientes
Maintenant que je suis aussi en charge de la traduction de la revue de Pokémon, j'ai un peu trop de travail. Du coup j'ai décidé de ne plus donner des leçons d'espagnol. Il faut se détendre un peu.
In the end I figured I just wanted to try karate in order to demonstrate myself that I was capable of something like that, and also to face some childhood trauma. Apparently it worked, especially since the sensei kept praising me so much. But I also realized that I'm not that interested really, haha.
Ce n'est pas vraiment la mort ce dont j'ai peur, c'est plutôt le vieillissement. Mais bon, c'est peut-être plus commun de ce que je pense.
It's been a while, I've been so busy. I'm still recovering from the surgery, and I am actually not quite sure if it worked, really. But oh well, I've been taking care of myself and I'm not feeling as bad as a month ago, so I guess that's good. I'm enjoying karate, which is surprising, 'cause as I said, I hated it when I was a kid. I'm focusing on seven languages now... and I'm still actively studying two of them: Russian and Greek. Wish me luck. Also, I'm trying so hard to gain weight. I lost 12 kilos and I don't like how I look. Finally, an old friend died last week. His boyfriend killed him. The guy's in prison, so at least there was some closure. Life.